. . . AROUND THE WORLD 2001/02
Africa 1999
Around-the-World 2001/02

The Team

Jeff Willner
1. Start: Recipe for Adventure
2. Zimbabwe: Hyperinflation
3. Namibia: Southern Circuit
4. South Africa: Circuit 2
5. Zambia/Malawi: Sketches
7. Kenya: Bandit Country
8. Ethiopia: Diary
9. Ethiopia: Border Run
10. Sudan: Across the Sahara
11. Egypt: Cape to Cairo
12. Jordan/Syria: Sept. 11th
13. Turkey: Hospitality
14. Bulgaria/Romania/ Hungary
15. Slovakia/Austria/Poland
16. The Baltics & Russia
17. Scandinavia
18. Western Europe
19. Brazil: Clearning Customs
20. Argentina: Revolution
21. Argentina: To Ushuaia
22. Patagonia Disaster
23. Buenos Aires Beautiful
24. Uruguay: Beaches
25. Chile: Expedition Life
26. Bolivia: Atacama
27. Peru: Transit
28. Galapagos: Gorgeous
29. Ecuador: Jungle Run
30. Knifepoint
31. Dubai: Lay over
32. Singapore/Malaysia
33. Thailand: Hospitality
34. Cambodia: Ankor Wat
35. Vietnam: Hanoi & Halong
36. Laos: Back to Basics
37. China: Beijing Tour
38. China: Shanxi
39. China: Western Province
40. China: Tibet
41: Nepal: Mountains
42. India: Driving Struggle
43. Pakistan: Dodging War
44. Iran: Overcharging
45. End: One Last Laugh

Sally DeFina
1. Cape Town: Robben Island
2. Zanzibar: Mike & I
3. Kenya: African Driving School
4. Sudan: Mud Crossing
5. Patagonia: Goodbye Max
6. Malaysia: Mike Update
7. Thailand: Ko Phangan
8. Cambodia: Phnom Penh
9. Vietnam: By Train
10. Laos: Vang Vieng
11. China: Meet Mr. Chen

Jody Finver
1. Start: Surreal Solipse
2. Great Zimbabwe
3. Brokedown in Kenyan Desert
4. Egypt: So Should I Hyphenate
5. Poland: Home is Where the Truck Is

Gulin Akoz
1. Start: Bits and Pieces
2. Zambia: Diaries
3. Egypt: Africa Memories
4. Turkey: For Your Information
5. The Team and The Bean
6. Somebody Else's Child
7. On My Own
8. Long Lost Memories of Childhood
9. The Tree and the Boy
10. Jealous
11. The Aftermath


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#5 - The Team and The Bean
Gulin Akoz, Nov. '01


Part 1:

That’s what I am… a witch.

A witch who plucks out people’s hearts.

don’t have a home, don’t have a place to call my own..
don’t belong to nowhere.

Did I ever belong to anywhere?

Jeff said “Home is where the heart is,” and asked “Where is your heart?”
Yeah, where is my heart?
I don’t know… Haven’t seen it for a long time.
But I know what there is in my heart. There lies a special treasure… it’s sort of magical… nobody can steal it… not even time… but I can’t tell you what it is… it’s a secret. and secrets are not supposed to be told.

I remember a song that they had thought us in our first year in high-school. The name must be “Tumbalalaika” and the lyrics were:

What can grow without snow or rain?
What can burn for endless years?
And what can cry but shed no tears?

Maiden maiden you’re joking I know..
A stone can grow without rain or snow..
Love can burn for endless years,
A heart can cry, but shed no tears.

Jeff’s definition of ‘home’ makes me sad. I guess I’ll go with “Home is wherever I lay my hat.”

Part 2:

I’m a traveller… a boring one. Have you ever heard of a boring traveller? To me, traveller by definition implies an exciting, interesting person. But I’m an exception!

Even I am bored with myself, what would you expect other people to do? I have never been so bored to death with myself, so unenthusiastic about living. Yet, strangely people are enthusiastic about what I do. Where is the music? I can’t hear any…

This reminds me of the best compliment I got in my life. No, it wasn't anything like "You are beautiful, you are smart, you're an angel" sort of thing. The best compliment I got was this:

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

A friend wrote an e-mail and said he read this someplace and it made him think of me. I couldn't get the correlation, so I asked one of my favorite questions: "Why?" He wrote back saying I should make all the masculine words feminine. "If you still don't hear a rhythm, this doesn't mean there is no rhythm but that you are so used to living with it that you cannot recognize it."

He went on to say that this was to be considered an achievement. Really?
What’s the use if I don’t hear the music myself?

I have no ambitions, I have no dreams.. I tell you, I’m a dull person.

No fantasies, no imagination... I’m better off dead!

Whatever people say I take their word for it. No, I’m not stupid. I am wise enough to know that
crying does not always mean you're unhappy
just as happiness does not always express itself as laughter out loud
and there is more to words than just the simple meaning…

It’s just that I live by facts. I had no childhood dreams, I don’t have dreams now either. I have realities.

But what is reality?

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Similarly, matter is conserved.

So what becomes of love? Where does it go when you fall out of love? Is it transferred to someone else? Where is love when you are angry at the person you love? Is it hiding? What happens to broken hearts? Is there a place to mend them? Not that I need such a place. I cannot love. Maybe I don’t have a heart in the first place.. that is why. But then… there must be something which keeps me going.

what do I long for?

I go and see a new country, meet new people everyday.
Do I change? No! it’s the same old me. Day in day out.

And who are these people around me? Where are my friends? Does anybody have any friends beside himself? How nice it would be if I were my best friend. Even I can’t be friends with myself (that’s a lie! One of the biggest I’ve ever told :)

What’s going on around me? I have no control… no control over my life. Yet ask any friend of mine, they will say I make things happen. Is that true? I don’t think so..

Was I always like this or did I just become one? Where is the spirit, where is the inspiration that so many people see in me?

“Take care,” they all say. Of course I will… but then maybe not. I won’t if I don’t want to. I’ll do whatever I feel like doing. Should it matter to you? But that question would be too harsh… I cannot be that cruel!

all my feelings are gone.. i am numb.

my stream of thought lack harmony…
the story starts… but it doesn’t end.. and it doesn’t go anywhere. “Even if there is something like a happy love, there’s no happy ending,” a song goes in Turkish.

But then… is there an end to anything in life?

all my thoughts are gone… i feel empty

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