. . . AROUND THE WORLD 2001/02
Africa 1999
Around-the-World 2001/02

The Team

Jeff Willner
1. Start: Recipe for Adventure
2. Zimbabwe: Hyperinflation
3. Namibia: Southern Circuit
4. South Africa: Circuit 2
5. Zambia/Malawi: Sketches
7. Kenya: Bandit Country
8. Ethiopia: Diary
9. Ethiopia: Border Run
10. Sudan: Across the Sahara
11. Egypt: Cape to Cairo
12. Jordan/Syria: Sept. 11th
13. Turkey: Hospitality
14. Bulgaria/Romania/ Hungary
15. Slovakia/Austria/Poland
16. The Baltics & Russia
17. Scandinavia
18. Western Europe
19. Brazil: Clearning Customs
20. Argentina: Revolution
21. Argentina: To Ushuaia
22. Patagonia Disaster
23. Buenos Aires Beautiful
24. Uruguay: Beaches
25. Chile: Expedition Life
26. Bolivia: Atacama
27. Peru: Transit
28. Galapagos: Gorgeous
29. Ecuador: Jungle Run
30. Knifepoint
31. Dubai: Lay over
32. Singapore/Malaysia
33. Thailand: Hospitality
34. Cambodia: Ankor Wat
35. Vietnam: Hanoi & Halong
36. Laos: Back to Basics
37. China: Beijing Tour
38. China: Shanxi
39. China: Western Province
40. China: Tibet
41: Nepal: Mountains
42. India: Driving Struggle
43. Pakistan: Dodging War
44. Iran: Overcharging
45. End: One Last Laugh

Sally DeFina
1. Cape Town: Robben Island
2. Zanzibar: Mike & I
3. Kenya: African Driving School
4. Sudan: Mud Crossing
5. Patagonia: Goodbye Max
6. Malaysia: Mike Update
7. Thailand: Ko Phangan
8. Cambodia: Phnom Penh
9. Vietnam: By Train
10. Laos: Vang Vieng
11. China: Meet Mr. Chen

Jody Finver
1. Start: Surreal Solipse
2. Great Zimbabwe
3. Brokedown in Kenyan Desert
4. Egypt: So Should I Hyphenate
5. Poland: Home is Where the Truck Is

Gulin Akoz
1. Start: Bits and Pieces
2. Zambia: Diaries
3. Egypt: Africa Memories
4. Turkey: For Your Information
5. The Team and The Bean
6. Somebody Else's Child
7. On My Own
8. Long Lost Memories of Childhood
9. The Tree and the Boy
10. Jealous
11. The Aftermath


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#1 - Bits and Pieces
Gulin Akoz, 5 July '01

HI Everybody, All the stuff (I wonít call them journals because they werenít written with the intention of being a journal) I wrote seemed good to me at the time I wrote them. Now when I go back and read them once again they seem stupid, but Iím putting them all down as they are. Because those were once Ďmeí. I have kept a diary for 20 years (yes, all my life is recorded! :) And of course those were written for myself, not for anybody to read, so they may not always follow a certain logic or make sense to the reader. Hopefully, they will get better and some day, through experience and practice, Iíll learn to write.



"GOOD MORNING SUN, the green valleys!..." I stepped in through the door singing... the door that opened to the lab. I spent my years in. My friend said "I can understand why people worshipped the sun in the olden times" smiling. It was a bright, sunshiny day. ************* Can someone have the happiest days in his life with 19 stitches in his arms? Well... I did.

Those were the days I was planning for this trip! Jeff had asked to know why I wanted to do this round-the-world tour? I wrote to him: "If you had heard the joy and radiance in my voice when I called up my friends to tell about this trip you wouldn't need to ask any questions" but I went ahead and answered his questions. what do I expect? I expect to have fun, to enrich myself and my point of view, to learn, to meet new people and see different cultures, to leave a print-mark on the world and on people, I expect to share a smile and sorrow or pain sometimes, I expect to feel that sensation of wholeness, pride and relief you get after an achievement, I expect to experience things otherwise not possible, things that I cannot even imagine right now, I expect to be sure that tomorrow is going to be a new adventure, I expect to gain material for writing, etc.

I want not to know what's to come, I want to travel into the unknown and then feel the safety and warmth of home, I want to live "for the first time's, I want to touch the world, make it mine, to belong.. There's a whole world out there! And I don't want to be stuck in one place my whole life. I've had my share of the standard life my parents and the society expect of me.

My parents are divorced and I've had hard times as a child. Even though it didn't feel good at the time, I guess it has helped me a lot to become a stronger and a better person. Graduation from the best schools in Turkey, work, then marriage... years passed without thinking and there was always a necessity waiting for me. Now it's time to do something just because I want to do it. To make a dream come true... I consider myself lucky since I have the luxury of doing this even after ten years of working. Most people spend their whole lives working just to earn a living. I've enjoyed my time at the university. It wasn't work, it was a life-style. University was my second home, my professor being a second father and I considered my students as my children. why do I want to go??!..

There's actually a simple answer: because itís in my nature! Has anyone read Robert Young Pelton's "The World's Most Dangerous Places"? It says: "A study published in 'Nature Genetics' reported that people who are prone to be exploratory and excitable have a longer version of a gene called D4DR found on chromosome 11. The gene helps dopamine which controls pleasure and emotion in the brain." So my parents are to blame for my desire to go out and conquer the world! You can blame yours, too :) Maybe the answer is in my genes. Maybe it's the fact that it's more appealing whatever I don't have and wherever I'm not.

All the above were written to impress Jeff to trick him into picking me for the team :) Iíll make a confession to you. I donít know what the hell Iím doing this trip for! :) A voice keeps going in my head: "This is not logical at all!" After all, Iím leaving my sweet home, good job, luxurious living. But who wants to be logical? Isn't it that we value most the moments we've acted spontaneously and done crazy stuff?



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