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Africa 1999

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3. Cape Town Comfort
4. Namibian Sand
5. Africa Wins Again
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7. Kwaheri Kilimanjaro
8. Ugandan Abandon
9. A Turn into War
10. To Congo and the Worst Road in Africa
11. Mozambique Madness
12. Malawi to Zambia
13. Revisiting the South

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Revisiting the South
5 July, 1999
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

The left side went soft and loose again, "Oh please let it not be the tire" I thought.  It was.  We were in the middle of the desert and all the spares were used up.



Leaving the tortuous dirt roads of Zambia to cross into Namibia

Lion feast at an Etosha water hole

Wildebeest - 'the animal designed by committee'

A rare display of elephant affection

Etosha's salt sand contrasts the zebra herd and gray sky

Over a million seals live and breed in the colony at Cape Cross 

Ambitious termites - a towering termite hill

Shaka - the personality that made Setengi great

First blowout of the day in the Namibian desert 

Siphoning petrol from the roof

Fixing the second flat - we had to keep pumping up an old spare

Petro fill-up in Luderitz 

The old diamond mine ghost town outside of Luderitz 



Cape Town's west shore suburbs

Cape Point - south of Cape Town

Luxury living for the last days in Cape Town




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