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Jeff Willner
Last Updated: 30 March 2005

A collection of vehicle, equipment, and repair garages that I have used over the years and can personally recommend.

There are many more, but lost journals and just plain sloppy record keeping has left them lost in the mists of time.

To suggest additions or changes, please email me at: jeffwillner@yahoo.com




Customized Land Rover Defender

Located near London, England

I ran across Foley in Zambia on my 1999 expedition and they treated me very fairly for several repairs. So when preparing for my RTW expedition, I contacted their shop in the UK and asked them to track down a clean vehicle with a 1985 chassis that would be suitable for import to Canada at the end of the trip. I purchased the vehicle through them, and they did a pretty good job of doing the vehicle modifications (though their shop seems to be perpetually busy and they were delayed).

Foley really shines in customer service. They were able to troubleshoot the vehicle via satellite phone several times on our trip. After our catastrophic accident in Patagonia we shipped the carcass to Foley in Africa and they completely rebuilt the truck in three weeks! Now that my vehicle is in Canada, they are my primary source for spare parts - and will be the supplier for my next expedition vehicles. Highly recommended.

Contact: Paul or Stuart Foley
"The Roses"
Epping Road,
Roydon, Nr Harlow,
Essex, UK CM19 5DD
Tel: (+44) 01279 793500

Satellite and International Cellular

Canada and US locations

Providers of satellite and cellular equipment, I purchased my Iridium phone from them for two expeditions. They have flexible airtime plans and good purchase prices - they also have rental options.

Originally I had hoped to be able to submit web updates via satellite, but it became quite impractical. First, the bandwidth available from a sat phone is pretty narrow. And internet cafes have pretty much taken over the third world. We found it much easier to simply log in at the next internet cafe, check email, and post journals. The phone did come in handy for emergency calls, text messages, and the occasional "I miss you" to significant others. Most importantly, when we were stranded it was a vital lifeline to the outside world.

Cost of a renting an Iridium handset is about $200 for the first week and $7/day after that. Airtime is $3/minute - though it is important to note that people calling you from a different satellite network can be charged up to $19/minute.

Expedition Insurance

Based in the UK

AON, in conjunction with the Royal Geographic Society, has put together a special expedition insurance policy. Though a bit more expensive than a backpacker policy, it has extra features that are uniquely suited for a vehicle-based expedition. Contact AON for policy details.

Contact: Dominic Jervis 
Richmond House, College St., Southampton,
SO14 3P5  UK
Phone: 023 8060 7500
Email: dominic.jervis@ars.aon.co.uk 

Vehicle Insurance

The Insurance Exchange Online
Based in the US

Finding vehicle insurance for a foreign country vehicle-based expedition can be a challenge. We used the Insurance Exchange to get a policy underwritten by AIG. To insure the Land Rover at a value of $20,000US for one year cost about $2700. AIG has offices all over the world and gave us great service when we made our vehicle claim in Argentina. 

Contact: Kim Michaels
Phone: 1-800-385-8550
Email: kim@insuranceexchangeonline.com


Land Rover Repair Garages


Ultimate Motors Pvt. Lt.d Co.
P.O.Box : 3900, Addis Ababa
Tel : 01-655350/654247
Fax : 01-653897

Brazil Heinrich Webber Motors
Av Brasil



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