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Land Rover Specs
Built for Around-the-World expedition

Foley Specialist Vehicles

I solved several problems with the vehicle by purchasing a 1985, good condition, Defender 110. The older chassis age allowed me to import the truck duty free into Canada at the end of the trip. I added a new 300Tdi engine - tough, fuel efficient, without the problems of a petrol engine, the diesel will chug along through thick and thin. The turbo allowed us to drive at altitude, even up the Everest base camp in Tibet!

To bring the truck up to expedition standards I made some extensive additions based on my previous Africa '99 expedition. I recommend the following:

  • Air-Conditioning - heavy-duty (extreme temps requires a double rad fan addition, also be sure to seal all the little holes in the firewall when the dash is off for installation - makes a huge difference keeping engine heat and dust out of the cabin)

  • Insulation - installed under hood for noise reduction

  • Stereo/CD/Tape - vital for a long road trip, make sure speakers are powerful enough. If I was doing this again, I would simply put in an inexpensive radio that would accept an iPod input. Digital music is the answer to pounding off-road driving that kills CDs.

  • Alarm, Fuel Cut Off, Steering Lock - triple theft protection

  • Sleeping Platform and Load Area - platform constructed in rear at window level, folds open over rear seat to make into a double bed, lockable storage compartments below

  • Box under rear seat (lockable) - rear seat legs removed, seat mounted on a carpeted box that looks like part of the chassis, hidden access panels

  • Split Charge and Dual Battery, 2nd Lighter Socket mounted in door pillar - second battery used to power laptops and electrics 

  • Full size Roof Rack

  • Roof Tent - I haven't seen roof tents outside of South Africa, a pity because they are a huge improvement over sleeping on the ground

  • 4 Jerry Cans and Locking rig - bolted to roof rack

  • High Lift Jack, High Lift jacking points (front & rear) welded to frame

  • Steering Guard, Rear Diff Plate - undercarriage protection

  • Swing Away rear wheel carrier (Mantec) - regular door mounted spare carrier will pull right off the door under extreme conditions

  • 2nd Spare mounted on bonnet - putting spares on roof is not wise, too much weight up top

  • 2 Internal Fuel Tanks 10 and 9 Gallon - extended range of truck to 1,200 km (2,000km with diesel in jerry can rig)

  • Bull and Mesh Lights - front collision protection

  • Water Tank rear extension filler, Internal water tank - with the jerry cans of water, this gives us 4 days of water per person

  • Mesh rear door and quarter lights, Mesh side windows add curtains - theft protection

  • Spot Lights, Halogen Head lights - high mounted spots to deter high beams from oncoming trucks, a particular problem in the Middle East

  • Lockable Fuel Cap

  • Passenger Floor Safe - hidden under passenger floor mat

  • Rear Hatches (lockable) - lots of protected cargo areas

  • Replacement seats in gray with carpet - I purchased new seats for the trip

  • 130 Double Spring Kit - using 130 springs on rear increased cargo carrying capacity

  • Double shock absorber kit - double rear shock absorbers reduced vehicle sway

  • Raised Air - not only important for wading, also improves life of air filter when driving in dusty conditions

  • Michellin XZY Tires - expensive but worth it, minimal wear after 70,000km hard driving. These are difficult or impossible to find these days.  



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