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#3: Argentina

(January 2004)

Patagonian wilderness, with an urban chaser in Buenos Aires




We head south of Bariloche into the Patagonia, most of which is featureless plan with scrubby plants and the occasional oasis - we picked this one to camp

After hours of driving it's a huge relief to see a gas station sign and re-fill on diesel, water, chips, and expresso from the ubiquitous Nescafe machines

The Moreno glacier, much bigger than it appears here, is the world's only advancing ice field - huge chunks calve off the face with an enormous roar (which we didn't hear despite waiting for an hour for the darn thing to drop a load)

An emotional moment, re-visiting the spot where Max rolled in 2002 (see journal in the Around-the-World section)

Sheep graze in the shadow of the Torres del Paine - the rock towers in the background give the famous park its name

In the penguin colony near Punta Arenas, the little guys are shy but so endearing as they commute between their nests and the ocean fishing

A wee bit of hiking in Ushuaia on New Year's Day

Buenos Aires likes to think of itself as a European city, news flash... it is. Fashion, food, dancing, architecture, would that we had anything close in North America

We finished the trip with a short 2-day jaunt to Uruguay, faded charm and massive devaluation, for $50 a day you live like a king





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